Irssi2 is the successor of the Irssi IRC client. Irssi2 is a terminal based Icecap client.

Irssi2 isn't currently usable, but the intent is that it'll be at least as usable for all current Irssi users, if not more so. The user interface will be somewhat different from Irssi, but hopefully most people will like the changes :)

Even though irssi2 requires an Icecap server, this will be transparent for users who don't want to setup a separate Icecap server. This means that irssi2 will be distributed with the server, and it'll be launched automatically when needed.

Go look at Icecap for more information about it, and other Icecap clients that already work.

Irssi2 can be downloaded as part of Icecap. You can connect to a remote Icecap server via SSH using: irssi2 user@host.

Here are some screenshots.

Some UI ideas.